28 February 2024

LET'S MEET: our newest team member Olivier!

We want you to meet Olivier Dapper, our additional new Sales Manager. We are glad to welcome him to our team!

Let's meet!

“Hi, my name is Olivier Dapper. I am 53 years old and I graduated from the Middelbare Hotelschool in Heerlen a long time ago.”

Why did you choose the hospitality industry?

“During my youth, I lived in Hilversum and had several jobs in the hospitality industry. From dishwasher to waiter. It soon became clear to me then that contact with people and working in the service sector was right up my street.

Years later, while studying hospitality, I consciously chose a reception internship at a hotel in Paris. That way, I took the opportunity to also experience working in a hotel. After this internship, I actually never left the hotel industry.”

When did you first hear about RevControl?

“I worked for a PMS supplier in the Netherlands for a long time, so I was already in the hotel tech world. It must have been sometime in early 2016 that I first heard the name RevControl.

Last year, both during the Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam and after the show, I had great conversations with several RevControl employees. And when I recently saw an interesting job posting on the RevControl website, I thought, "Let's talk again..."."

How will you convince prospects to choose RevControl?

“Hotels can generate a lot more revenue when they use a revenue management system. We at RevControl would like to advise and help with this because we enjoy our work and understand that a hotel employee cannot and perhaps does not want to spend a lot of time on this every day themselves.

We are there not only during the sales process and the onboarding process but also afterwards when there are questions. Even when revenue management knowledge is missing or lost, we are there for our customers. The hotelier takes care of the pricing strategy and his/her guests, RevControl ensures optimal revenue while the hotelier remains fully in control.”

Are there any nice-to-know details you'd like to share about yourself?

"A hobby of mine is cycling, where in the past (read: when I was young) I sometimes enjoyed a sporting challenge. After several tours in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy, it just had to happen: the Styrkeproven. A tour in Norway, from Trondheim to Oslo, totalling 543 km. Arrived in Oslo after 23 hours and 55 minutes, where I said I would never, ever do this again. Three years later, with better weather conditions and being better trained, we did the same trip again. We were almost 3.5 hours faster, but this time, it really was the last time.

When I lived in Amsterdam, I worked at the reception desk in a hotel in Rotterdam for a while. During my first week, an American guest came to the front desk and asked me how he got to the World Trade Centre. After my explanation to the guest, which by the way was absolutely correct, the American left. My colleague, who had heard the whole story, started laughing and told me that there was also a World Trade Centre in Rotterdam!"

Robin Sleegers, Sales Manager

Robin SleegersSales Manager

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