Find a coach in Revenue Management

Need to reinforce your knowledge in Revenue Management? At Revcontrol, we work with Certified partners who are specialised in coaching and training Revenue Management for hotel teams. Get the help you need from our list of professionals and master your team’s skills. Because strengthening your knowledge and combining it with our solution can help you get the results you want.

HM Academy

If you are looking for Revenue Management training that can help your company or career move forward, HM Academy can be of great value. Their Hospitality Management Academy is the quintessential training institute for entrepreneurs, managers and hospitality employees. Their Revenue Management training will teach you how to analyze, combine and translate large datasets to make the right decisions determining your hotel price.

Learn more about their Revenue Management training HERE. Use discount code REVCO2021 to get 15% discount on your first training! After the training you will also receive a calculation tool for your Revenue Management.

For who: Hotel owners, General Managers, Revenue Managers and other commercial positions within hotels.

Services: Training in revenue management, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership skills, crisis management and training in sales.


Already five years of consulting independent boutique hotels! is a trustful partner in successful optimizing the maximum revenue from your available rooms (RevPar). They support your hotel by applying successful a Revenue Management strategy that immediately increase your daily room revenue and create direct business by driving website visitors into commission free bookers.
Get your Free consult specific for your boutique hotel with valuable tips & tricks for direct implementation.


Services: Revenue Management, Online Marketing, Account & Prospect Management, Sales Manager Development and Recruitment.

Revenue Management Works

Gathering data, analyzing these numbers, linking this to the right strategy and, most importantly, talking about this with different stakeholders and convincing them which direction would be the best. That is why I started Revenue Management Works after working for over 10 years in the field. I want to connect with hotels and help them to improve their short- and long-term strategies, and by doing that, increase profit margins and net earnings.

Together with you I want to simplify revenue management and show that it is not only a Revenue Managers job but should be an important part of your entire hotel.

Services:  Opening hotel – Implementing new strategies -  Advise on best use of current or new systems – Training & Coaching – Implementing tools ( Pick up / Month End / Commercial Meeting / Displacement tools, etc) – Revenue Management on demand


Introduction to Revenue Management:

Start with the online training in which I will share the basics that are essential for the right strategic decisions. After the training you will have access to the right Tips & Tools to start right away with introducing Revenue Management withing your organization.

Advanced RM:

Ready for the next step? Then join my 2 days on site course. During two interactive days we will work on real-live revenue cases which will help you answering more complex issues. After this you are ready to take actions within you hotel which will help you to positively influence the bottom line results.

Languages:  Dutch, English


Mariska van Heemskerk – - +31 6 22500991 – Meerkoetlaan 11 1343 Almere Netherlands