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Control and grow your revenue based on AI and statistics

RevControl has many features that help grow your revenue and save time

Revenue Management Software for hotels. We are leading innovators in automated and data-driven Revenue Optimization. Don't trust us, trust our results.

  • AutoPublish

    Automatically publish rates to your PMS or Channel Manager.

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  • Competitor Intelligence

    Closely monitor what your competition is doing and crunch your data.

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  • Group Rate Recommendation

    Calculate room rates for groups and check your availability in a convenient tool.

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  • Rate Buckets

    This feature allows you to automatically open and close rate groups based on your hotel's Business on the Books or Forecasted Occupancy.

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  • Rate Calendar

    All the data you need to manage your rates in one place.

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  • Reports & Analytics

    Keep track of your performance and benchmark your data.

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  • Competitor Rate Shopping

    Monitor competitor rates in one place and improve your market position.

  • Rate Recommendation

    Receive rate recommendations for your hotel calculated by our algorithm.

Robin Sleegers, Sales Manager

Robin SleegersSales Manager

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