15 November 2023

LET'S MEET: our Software Engineer Ries!

We want you to meet Ries van Geffen, our developer who made a very big contribution to the development of the latest RevControl version.

It is always nice to welcome new employees to the team. But of course, we are also incredibly happy with all the colleagues already working at RevControl. They also deserve their 'moment to shine', so let's meet Ries!

Let's meet!

“Hi, I am Ries van Geffen and I have been working as a Software Engineer at RevControl for just over 2 years now. In 2021, I graduated from the ICT course at Fontys in Eindhoven.”

Why did you choose the ICT industry?

“As a teenager, I developed an interest in technology, which grew over the years. Out of curiosity, I ended up with programming and, when I was about 15 years old, tried it out at home myself. I immediately found this fun and challenging, which is why I eventually chose the ICT industry. For me, programming mainly feels like a game with puzzles to solve. The more challenging, the more fun!”

How did you join RevControl?

“I was looking for a place for my graduation internship when I came across a vacancy from CARE Internet Services. This vacancy appealed to me, but I decided to look further first. As I was looking at a list of internship assignments, I saw the internship assignment for RevControl come up. The assignment was to develop a queuing system for background tasks. This seemed very challenging to me, so I chose to intern at RevControl.

I succesfully completed my internship and then sticked with RevControl."

You work as a Software Engineer. What do you mainly deal with?

“In the first year after I graduated, I mainly worked on improving the system. Think of technical improvements, developing new features and fixing bugs. This allowed us to release more frequent and comprehensive updates to customers.

In my second year, we started a major renewal of the revenue management system. The front end was rebuilt with more modern technology. We also made the system even more user-friendly. Since RevControl's creation, the system has not had such a major refresh as the one we completed last autumn. In this major project, I set up the framework for the entire application and set up all the fundamental tools for my colleagues. I also managed and supported the other developers where necessary, both with technical and functional questions.”

What do you love about working at RevControl?

“A revenue management system that processes a lot of data and can be linked to many different systems is a complex product. Because of the many users, there is a high responsibility to ensure proper technical operation. Also, there is always more than enough work to do, which is very varied. And I have developed an interest in the hotel industry, because of the people I work with and the different (complex) systems involved.”

Are there any fun facts you'd like to share about yourself?

"I love music immensely and therefore often have my headphones on when I am working. When colleagues want to ask me something, they often have to wave extensively for me to see them because I hear nothing else but my music. I listen to everything from carnival/après ski music to techno or other harder styles. In fact, I love music so much that I bought a piano years ago, but I haven't touched it more than five times."

Niek Kouwenberg, Chief Technology Officer

Niek KouwenbergChief Technology Officer

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