29 June 2022

LET'S MEET: our new Sales Consultant Sem!

We want you to meet Sem Bierings, our new Sales Consultant. We are glad to welcome him to our team!

Let's meet!

“Hi, my name is Sem Bierings. I’m 26 years old and I studied Hotel and Event Management at TIO university of applied sciences in Eindhoven. The hometown of RevControl ;)”

Why did you choose the hospitality industry?

“I’ve been working in the hospitality sector since I was just 14 years old. Started as a dishwasher in a restaurant in my hometown Eersel, then became a waiter when I was 16 and since that moment, I fell in love with the hospitality sector. That’s why I chose to study Hotel and Event Management. I did my graduation internship at a PMS supplier, where I found out that I liked consulting hotels in their digital environment. Therefore, I continued working there for 3 more years, where I installed dozens of PMS’s.”

When did you first hear of RevControl?

“During PMS installations in my previous job I already had a lot of contact with RevControl. I always liked the atmosphere during the moments of contact and that’s why I took my chance when I saw the vacancy for a Sales Consultant on LinkedIn.

And now after 4 weeks of working at RevControl, I can really say it is indeed an amazing company to work for!”

How are you going to convice prospects to choose RevControl?

“Because it’s the best system of course!
Just kidding (even though it is true). I always like to work from a relationship of trust. This means (even though that RevControl is really easy to use) I will make sure you get the right guidance and advice setting up the system and in the first weeks after going “live”. I am more than happy to come onsite so we can work our way through the settings together and won’t leave until you’re satisfied with the setup of your system. Because any system can only work well if it’s set up properly.”

Nice-to-know details

“Two truths and a lie about me:

  • One time during a holiday, a friend of mine and I walked 46 kilometers from Bruges to Ghent without any training, just because it seemed like a nice thing to do. When we arrived, our feet hurt so much that we could barely walk up the stairs in our hotel.
  • When going to Barcelona for one of my internships, I missed my flight because I drove to Eindhoven Airport instead of Schiphol. Luckily there was still room on a flight later that day, so I could still fly the same day (from Eindhoven).
  • On my first day working at RevControl I bumped my car into the Tesla of a hotel director. I was very lucky that I didn’t do any damage to either one of the cars, but it surely was a first day to remember!

Curious which one is the lie? Let’s meet for a coffee and a RevControl demo. If you guess it right, the coffee is on me!”


Sem Bierings, Customer Success Manager

Sem BieringsCustomer Success Manager

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