22 February 2022

LET'S MEET: our newest member Evelien!

We want you to meet Evelien Vlijm, our newest graduation intern at RevControl. Evelien will research how we can improve our onboarding process for new clients.

Let's meet!

Let us introduce to you our newest graduation intern at RevControl: Evelien Vlijm. Evelien is a 23 years old student at the Hotel Management School Maastricht, The Netherlands. In the coming six months, she will be doing her graduation internship at RevControl. During this internship, she will focus on ‘Business Proces Improvement’ of the onboarding process. The results and recommendations from her research should make it easier for clients to get started with RevControl.

How did Evelien become aware of RevControl?

While studying, Evelien worked at Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt for the past 2 years where she got her first impression with RevControl via her Rooms Division manager. This hotel has been a RevControl client for many years and works with pleasure and satisfaction with our system.

“My manager thought it would be interesting for me to watch with her while working with RevControl, as I have ambitions in revenue management. When I met Edwin on a conference call, I couldn’t temper my enthusiasm and had to ask if RevControl was looking for interns. It can be that easy because now I can call myself an intern at RevControl!”

What will be the focus of her research?

For the next 6 months, Evelien will focus on the onboarding process. What is the best way to help new clients get started with RevControl? What is the perfect balance between doing everything for the client and letting the client do all the work with our consultant in the background? After analyzing the process, Evelien will make several test cases to find the perfect and most efficient way, both for the client and for us.

Expectations for the coming months

Evelien has already noticed the versatility of RevControl. She expects to be able to watch and learn a lot, both in the field of revenue management and consultancy. She can’t wait to be part of the RevControl booth crew during the Independent Hotel Show Amsterdam coming March. Evelien will also carry out many onboarding processes herself to learn all the ins and outs that benefit her research.

“What I think is the main goal of my internship is that new clients can start RevControl with a kickstart!”

Nice-to-know details

Evelien loves to travel, the further the better. She has seen all kinds of hotels all over the world. Wherever she is in the world, she will make sure she doesn't miss a single F1 race, her second hobby. And that's a good thing, it happens to be the same hobby of some RevControl colleagues.

Evelien is born in Gorinchem but has been living 150km further south in Limburg for over 4 years now. She is really fond of Limburg cherry pie, and just so you know: that is not a cake.

Edwin Leenheer, Director Of Operations

Edwin LeenheerDirector Of Operations

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