18 April 2023

LET'S MEET: our new full-stack developer Kim!

We want you to meet Kim van den Beuken, our new full-stack developer. We are glad to welcome him to our team!

Let's meet!

“Hello, I am Kim van den Beuken, a 24-year-old young man and I started working at RevControl/CARE as a full-stack developer since the beginning of April. I studied ICT for 3 years at Summa College in Eindhoven, in the direction of Media/Application developer. Then I started the HBO ICT course at Fontys in Eindhoven. After the first year, I quit that to start working, preferring to learn in practice rather than at school.”

Why did you choose the ICT sector?

“I initially chose ICT because I couldn't find anything else I liked. During college, I liked it more and more. After my education, I started hobbying, eventually starting my own business creating websites. After working for myself for two years, I chose to discontinue my small business to join RevControl/CARE.”

Had you ever heard of RevControl or CARE before?

“I had never heard of CARE or RevControl before. During my search for an interesting vacancy, I came across the open position of full-stack developer. I applied, was soon invited for an interview and barely a week later I started working.

I have never experienced such a short and fast application process before!"

What will be your contribution to the development team?

“Because I am a full-stack developer, I can be deployed on various assignments. At the moment, I am mainly working on the updated version of RevControl, which is expected to be rolled out this summer. I also find it interesting to look into new technologies to see if we can apply these in current or upcoming projects. I also have an eye for styling and try to make things just a little more beautiful or clear.”

Nice-to-know details

“I listen to music every day, almost the entire time I am awake. So my preference in music is very broad, from classical to Death Metal. I also like a good party. Until recently, I was still working as a bartender, where I made a lot of drinks, had plenty of drinks and often made a party of it.”

Niek Kouwenberg, Chief Technology Officer

Niek KouwenbergChief Technology Officer

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