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Hotel De Sterrenberg during Covid - 19

Liset Bom

Hotel Director - Hotel De Sterrenberg

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Badhotel Renesse

Olav Davidse

Hotel Director - Badhotel Renesse

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Hotel De Wilmersberg

Berrie Wittenberg

Revenue Manager - Landgoed De Wilmersberg

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Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt

Hilde Curfs

Rooms Division Manager - Buitenplaats Vaeshartelt

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Product feature

Extensive analytical reports and graphs

Business on the Books

No revenue management without your BOB. We use a direct connection with your PMS so you can see and manage your data within RevControl. Easily compare your data with historical results and your budget.

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Pickup Alerts

Get notified when there is unexpected high pickup in the future so you never miss an opportunity to increase your rates.

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Same time last year comparisons

Compare your current performance with historical data in one quick and easy to read overview.  RevControl makes it easy to compare your data with historical results and your budget.

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The easiest way to publish the sharpest rates


  • Rates are sent to your PMS or Channel Manager for onward distribution.
  • Manually accept our rate recommendations, or switch to automatic or hybrid mode. Everything is possible, you are in control!
  • New rate recommendations are available for 365 days in advance and calculated up to 4 times per hour.

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Product features

Revenue Management Software built to increase your revenue

  • AutoPublish

    Automatically publish rates to your PMS or Channel Manager.

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  • Competitor Intelligence

    Closely monitor what your competition is doing and crunch your data.

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  • Group Rate Recommendation

    Calculate room rates for groups and check your availability in a convenient tool.

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  • Rate Calendar

    All the data you need to manage your rates in one place.

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  • Reports & Analytics

    Keep track of your performance and benchmark your data.

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  • Competitor Rate Shopping

    Monitor competitor rates in one place and improve your market position.

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