Rate Buckets

Take control of your distribution cost

This feature allows you to automatically open and close rate groups based on your hotel's Business on the Books or Forecasted Occupancy.

Take control of your distribution cost
  • Focus on the most profitable distribution channels.
  • Increase NetRevPAR
  • Automatically open and close when a set (forecasted) occupancy level is reached.

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The definition of Net revenue per available room (NetRevPAR):
Guestroom revenue divided by the total number of available rooms after deducting the costs of customer acquisition, including sales, marketing and commission costs.

To manage these costs hotels should assess their profitability per channel and segment. Such comparisons are very complex due to different commission structures and cost agreements with different Online Travel Agents.

To control the distribution channels separately, hotels should set-up rate plans per distribution channel in their PMS or Channel Manager.

Take control of your distribution cost

RevControl introduces the Rate Buckets

Create a Rate Bucket in RevControl
The hotel groups Rate Plans within a bucket. The Rate Plans have similar characteristics e.g., commission level or discount of off bar.

Set business rules per Rate Bucket
Open or Close a rate bucket when a set (forecasted) occupancy level is reached. This restriction will be (automatically) pushed to the PMS or Channel Manager.

With this new feature, hotels are given the ability to increase the NetRevPAR on high demand days. 

Take control of your promotional rates

Open or close rate plans depending on your (forecasted) occupancy. In need of some additional occupancy? Open the rate plans easily through the Rate Buckets. A higher (forecasted) occupancy, RevControl will automatically close this bucket.

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How long does it take before RevControl can calculate rates?

Calculating rate recommendations can be done immediately for a new hotel.

As soon as data is built up, the expected occupancy rates will automatically become more accurate.

From the beginning, a correct price recommendation can be made based on competitor rates.

How frequent does RevControl update my rates?

Rates are updated every 15 minutes based on various factors.

This way the hotel never misses an opportunity to be priced correctly in the market.

How can I keep track of automatically changed rates

Whenever RevControl makes changes to your rates you will be notified by e-mail automatically.

This way you can stay in control and aware of your rate changes.

Do you have an integration to my PMS or Channel Manager

A list of our existing integrations is available on the integrations page.

Do you not see your PMS or Channel Manager in the list yet? Reach out to us!