Wiebe de Vries Executive assistent - Landgoed Groot Warnsborn

Landgoed Groot Warnsborn

Wiebe de Vries tells us all about their choice of RevControl as their Revenue Management System and what they like best about the system.

Landgoed Groot Warnsborn & RevControl

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Company name Landgoed Groot Warnsborn
Location Arnhem, the Netherlands
Type of property Boutique hotel
Rooms 40
Restaurants 2
Meeting rooms 4
Misc. Wedding venue
Website www.grootwarnsborn.nl

Landgoed Groot Warnsborn has been using RevControl since mid-2019. They also had a few consultancy sessions with our consultant Robin to get the most out of the system and assist with optimizing their Rate Management setup in their PMS Mews.

Wiebe de Vries tells us all about their choice of RevControl as their Revenue Management System and what they like best about the system.

Watch the interview with Wiebe de Vries (in Dutch) or read it below (in English).

How does RevControl make everyday tasks easier?

RevControl has three modes for publishing recommended rates: manual, automatic, and hybrid. Wiebe has chosen the hybrid mode. “We have set it to automatically adjust the rates from two weeks from today onwards to up to 365 days in the future. And because we are not a big company and we don’t have someone full-time on revenue management, it is very useful for us that the rates are adjusted automatically. That means we don’t miss any event in the Gelredome or something like that, but that the rates automatically go up. So we trust the system will pick it up for us, which has been working very well so far. We have set it up for the first 14 days in such a way that we see for ourselves what we change in the prices. Ultimately, the system naturally has a lot of data and works very well for us, but it’s always nice to be able to steer a little ourselves and have look: do we really think we’re getting full or do we keep the rate unchanged or should we increase or decrease.”

What do you think is the biggest advantage of automatically publishing rates?

“The biggest advantage of automation is that -mostly the rate changes up- it immediately results in a difference in our Average Rate. The average rate has gone up by almost 35 euros, which meant that our total turnover increased enormously. And therefore, also the profit grew”.

What is your experience with the consultancy sessions?

“What I really liked about the consultancy sessions is that it was not only pointed out what needed to be improved, but that afterwards we also worked together to set up everything properly. It wasn't just pointing a finger, like "this is not going well, and good luck". No, there was real dialogue, and the solutions were sought together.”

Would you recommend RevControl to other hoteliers?

“I think, and I can't speak for all hotels of course, but I think RevControl is a very good partner for revenue management because they are not only interested in - or so it seems to me - the hotels with 100, 200, 1000, 3000 rooms, but also have an eye and feel for smaller hotels and smaller entrepreneurs. They really look at how RevControl can best be used for the hotel you have. So in the end, I think RevControl would work very well for small and certainly also for large companies and I can therefore absolutely recommend it.”

"I can therefore absolutely recommend it!"

Robin Sleegers, Sales Manager

Robin SleegersSales Manager

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