Group Recommendation Tool

Calculate room rates for groups and check your availability in a convenient tool.

  • Calculate Rate Recommendations based on group size and additional revenue streams.
  • Define your minimum daily rate and your group discount strategy.
  • Our easy to read displacement analysis makes offering rates to groups easy.

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Group Discounts

Discounts can be allocated to different group sizes per segment. This is where your group strategy is made. Different discounts or markups can be added to the three levels of total incoming revenue. Simply decide on your strategy, and our tool will automatically calculate group rates based on your preferences.





Group Recommendation

Our Group Recommendation tool lets you calculate the right room price for group requests. The system also checks your room availability to see if enough rooms are available.

With the use of our group recommendation tool you are able to calculate the right room price for group requests in a split second. Discounts can be allocated to different group sizes and segments. All the revenue that the group is expected to yield is used in the displacement analysis.

Robin Sleegers, Sales Manager

Robin SleegersSales Manager

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How does RevControl check my room availability?

The Business on the Books data is imported directly from your PMS multiple times per day.

This way we can check your room availability with our Group Recommendation tool.

Do you have an integration with my PMS or Channel Manager

A list of our existing integrations is available on the integrations page.

Do you not see your PMS or Channel Manager in the list? Reach out to us!

Is the Group Recommendation tool included in my plan?

The Group Recommendation tool is included in our Expert plan.

Do you not have the expert plan and are you interested in using the tool? Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.