Belinda van der Molen Senior Revenue & Systems manager - City Resort Hotel Oss

City Resort Hotel Oss

As revenue manager of five beautiful and busy hotels, Belinda van der Molen has a varied and challenging job. Since January 2018 RevControl is part of her daily business. She’s enthusiastic to share how the software supports her in her work.

City Resort Hotel Oss & RevControl

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“I was looking for one place to manage all properties”

Analyzing data, creating reports, and defining the most effective marketing actions. At City Resort Hotels, Belinda manages a wide variety of tasks. She explains how she used to spend a lot of time collecting and analyzing data from different sources: “Every day I start by sharing my reports with our different locations, managers, and everybody else who’s interested to know how we’re doing. I used to extract data from five different PMS’s. One for each property. I manually turned all data into an overview comparing the current stats with the previous year. That’s very time-consuming, I can tell you!” Needless to say, Belinda is pleased as punch. With RevControl she can manage the revenue of all hotels in one place.

“RevControl enables me to optimise my forecasts”

The effectiveness of Belinda’s work has increased significantly. Her focus has switched from managing systems to growing the business: “I’m extremely result-driven. To me, the most satisfying is when the final results correspond to the outcome I forcasted. By comparing competitor prices automatically, and calculating a rate recommendation accordingly RevControl enables me to really optimise my forecasts!”

“I was particularly impressed by the look and feel”

“Why we chose RevControl? Mainly for three main reasons. First and foremost, I was impressed by the look and feel. It’s very user-friendly and I just love the dashboard. It gives me a complete and comprehensive overview of all properties, and I can easily switch between them as well. Secondly, your installation costs are very affordable. Finally, I’m absolutely satisfied about your high-quality consulting.” Belinda is confident RevControl will help her realise her goals for 2018!

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