protel & RevControl

This integration is live and ready to use

  • Thanks to the 2-way connection, our application can read and write to protel 24/7. Your data is always up to date!
  • With the API connection, protel and RevControl are instantly communicating with each other.
  • Thanks to the integration with protel, RevControl gives you real-time access to all your data. No more data entry in Excel.

protel hotelsoftware has been developing and selling technology and service solutions specifically for the hotel industry and related sectors for more than 25 years. The consistent focus on the demands of a single industry makes protel one of the most experienced and successful providers of hospitality technology. In fact, they claim to be a worldwide leader in hotel technology solutions.

Hotel Property Management
protel’s intuitive PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard means more time for the guest. Seamless communication between departments. Billing and invoicing functions to help keep track of every transaction. That, and much more – either in the Cloud or the On-Premise version.

360° Conference and Event Management
Detailed planning is the basis for event perfection, and with protel MICE, hotels have all-round coverage of every single aspect. From the first call the customer makes, through the booking process, through every detail that is hashed out on the day, to when the last cent is paid into the hotel’s account.

A Powerful Commission-Free Booking Engine
protel’s Booking Engine enables hotels to customize the look and feel of their booking engine to their exact needs, creating an unforgettable guest-experience well before the guest has even arrived.