Cubilis & RevControl

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  • Prevent overbooking thanks to the good integration between Cubilis and RevControl

Cubilis Channel Manager

The Cubilis Channel Manager is the core of your online distribution and makes it very easy to give your accommodation greater online visibility. The Channel Manager connects to more than 200 online booking platforms (OTA’s), including major players like, Airbnb and Expedia. Through the central dashboard, you can easily manage your rates & availability on all booking channels, avoiding duplicate bookings, wasted time and tons of administration. Cubilis makes it easy to find the right pricing strategy for your business, giving you control over your rates on every platform you are represented on, even for small businesses. Give Cubilis a free try on

Improve your online visibility
Create more bookings thanks to your presence on various online booking platforms. Couldn’t be easier, or more profitable, with the Cubilis Channel Manager. Cubilis substantially improves the return on investment of your hotel, B&B or holiday home and acts as the engine and beating heart of your online reservations.
More bookings without commission fees
Cubilis gives you a user-friendly online booking module on your website that instantly persuades travellers to complete their reservation directly, right there and then. 
A win-win situation for all: the guest can rest safe in the knowledge he is getting the best value price and you as the operator pay fewer commission fees.
A structured central dashboard
Have you been thinking about an accurate overview of all your availabilities and prices for some time now? Keen to implement changes in the wink of an eye?  In that case, the Cubilis Channel Manager is the ideal software solution for your B&B, hotel or holiday home.
Manage your rates
Looking to optimise your pricing strategy by way of discounts or going by different seasonal / pricing periods? All of that is easily done with the Cubilis Channel Manager.
Insights and Reports
You obviously want to follow up closely on the results of all your efforts. Which is why Cubilis comes with a variety of reporting methods.
Integrations with countless partners
Cubilis puts you in touch with over 400 partners, in real time, via a two-way integration. We take pride in providing stable and secure connections at all times. Go to our marketplace to check out the full list of partners and systems Cubilis is able to connect you with.
Does this seem interesting for your hotel or B&B? Don’t hesitate to visit our website to get a free trial: