Booking Experts & RevControl

This integration is live and ready to use

  • Dynamic pricing is now possible for holiday parks and campsites.
  • You can set Master Rates in Booking Experts, suggested by the smart algorithm of RevControl.
  • The link between Booking Experts and RevControl is so good, the prices from RevControl are in the reservation system in just an instant.

Booking Experts is an all-in-one reservation system that is completely in the cloud and is therefore always up-to-date. Thanks to their reservation system, they take work off your hands and give you more time to spend with guests. The automation of processes is paramount.

Thanks to the link with RevControl, holiday parks, campsites and rental organizations, among others, have access to innovative pricing strategies. Dynamic pricing, also known as price increases, or time-based pricing, is a pricing strategy in which companies set flexible prices for products or services based on current market demand. RevControl also includes the rates of pre-selected competitors and as a result you get a specially calculated price per day. These recommended prices optimize sales and can even be published fully automatically in the Booking Experts system (and other online sales channels).

Click here to see the RevControl app in the Booking Experts App Store.

With Booking Experts, the website is linked in real-time with the reservation system and all major tour operators, without the intervention of other parties. In addition to the reservation system, the website can also be built by them. The biggest advantage of this is that the link between the two is perfect!

Thanks to Booking Experts, you have full control and insight into your organization. The system is easy to use, very user-friendly and always within reach on mobile, tablet and laptop. This makes it usable by everyone, from receptionist to cleaner and from accountant to home owner.