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RevControl Revenue Management System enables you to act fast, take data-driven decisions and yield tremendous returns for your business. At a surprisingly affordable price!

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Revenue Management Software built to increase your revenue

RevControl Revenue Management Software gives you the power to always be ahead of your competitors. By having all revenue forecasting in one dashboard you'll never miss a day with unexpected large pickup. You can easily turn your insights into action, and sell your rooms the right rate at the right time. You're in control of your hotel.

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RevControl's features are built to enhance revenue management

Cloud Based Software

Make important decisions anywhere you want, anytime you need.

Rate shopping

Optimise revenue by tracking your competitiors and aligning your rates with the market.

Business on the books

Receive accurate analyses automatically from your PMS.

Pick-up alerts

Get notified immediately, and never miss the opportunity to raise your rates.


Rate management

Because revenue management is about determining the best daily rate in every situation.

Easy integration

Elevate your revenue forecasting capabilities by combining current data with historical data.

What I appreciate most about RevControl is their continuous development. On the one hand out of their own experience, on the other hand they actively implement hotelier’s wishes.

Robert van Vliet, HotelRevPar

HotelRevPar - Robert van Vliet - The Netherlands

HotelRevPar supports many hotels in the Netherlands in different areas, among which: Revenue Management. I help hoteliers maximise their occupancy, based on my own experience and RevControl’s advice. When my former RMS decided to pull the plug, I had to come up with an alternative. I took my time, because I had to convince my clients of the new system as well. When meeting Edwin (RevControl’s Director of Operations), I directly noticed that he is very experienced in the field. That creates trust. 
User experience, clarity, and an Auto Push function were essential to me. RevControl offers all three. Implementation went flawlessly and despite the switch was kind of compulsive, I am very satisfied with my new RMS! Results do not lie, a monthly RevPar increase of €8 is no exception!

RevControl is definitely a company recommended by Guestline to new and existing customers and we like to deliver the same level of quality products and services to RevControl customers.

Robert Vogt, Guestline

Guestline - Robert Vogt - United Kingdom

When Guestline decided to enter the Benelux market, we immediately started to look at strong local players in their field. RevControl has a good reputation and is a tool used by many hoteliers in the industry and we are confident that hoteliers benefit from our partnership. Guestline’s unique offering in the industry combined with Revcontrol’s powerful revenue management tool will enable hoteliers to benefit high quality products with excellent service and a great level of maturity that is unrivalled. We expect rapid growth as we know that an increasing number of hoteliers choose a revenue management system to optimize their revenue.

RevControl combines technological expertise with an irreplaceable human element to provide the ultimate revenue management solution.

Simon Bullingham, Journey

Journey - Simon Bullingham - United Kingdom

Revenue management has been a hot topic this year and we're always keen to work with the market-leading providers to deliver an end-to-end solution for hotels. What stands out the most is the ease of use and how much time the automation element will save for revenue managers. I expect the platform to become a key revenue generator for both parties and a market-leading RMS in the UK. It not only adds value to our existing clients but will do for new clients to come.

Revenue Management Software by hospitality experts

RevControl is built by hoteliers and software experts who've been in the business for over 20 years. The result? A system that's complete, intuitive and easily integrates with other systems. You can focus on optimising revenue, and most importanty: creating a fantastic guest experience! 

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  • Seamless connections of all data sources a revenue manager needs
  • 20+ years experience in developing hospitality software
  • Revenue management experience and proficiency
  • Excellent client support and consultancy

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