Hotel De Wilmersberg

1 September 2020 - Robin Sleegers

"We started to work with RevControl because we were still performing all the revenue management tasks manually".

We started to cooperate with RevControl because we were still managing our Revenue manually. This approach was very costly, as it involved a lot of man hours. As a result, we sometimes missed out on an opportunity to increase our revenue. Besides this, we reviewed the rates of our competitors by hand. To get a good picture of the competitors was a challenging and labor-intensive task.

Managing our rates is much easier since the implementation of RevControl, our revenue approach has become much clearer and the tool saves us a lot of time every day. Through this, our rates have become much more dynamic, which have resulted in a significantly higher revenue. With the daily overview of the pick-up and with the competitor analyses, it has become very easy to compare our hotel performance against our competitors.

Next to that, using RevControl is a lot of fun! It is great to play with the tool and see how this can influence your revenue. RevControl is really recommended for hotels, to assist them in their revenue management. The tool saves us a lot of time per day and more importantly it brings us more revenue.

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