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RevControl is expanding rapidly and you can be a part of it. Actively acquire new clients and profit throughout the duration of the contract. 

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Have fun selling a beautiful product

Enjoy selling easily

Revenue management is hot, which makes RevControl easy to sell. The competition within the hospitality business is fierce, so loads of hotels are convinced of the need for revenue management software.

Acquire active & passive income

You’ll receive a very generous bonus for each new customer you bring in, and you’ll get a steady fee for customers that stay with us. Hence, you could generate a passive income for the rest of your life…

Become part of the family

We’re just ordinary people with extraordinary talents. We believe in teamwork, innovation, and fun! That reflects in our products, as well as our communication. You’ll notice we invest in you, so you’ll really feel part of RevControl.

Join from anywhere

It doesn’t matter where you’re based, we’re happy to welcome you to our team. You’ll only need a computer with internet access to get started.


Why we’re looking for you

Our customers are everywhere, so why shouldn’t we be? We’re always exploring opportunities to be closer to our clients, and strengthen our market presence. Together with professionals such as yourself we’ll be able to realise our ambitions. That’s why we’d like you to join RevControl’s team.

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We'll invest in you, that's a promise


Since you should feel confident to enter the market, you’ll be provided with a complete & practical training by one of our consultants. Please feel free to ask anything you need to know; our consultants are specialised in revenue management as well as hospitality related systems.

Marketing Materials

It’s hard to practice sales without the right marketing materials. Therefore, you’ll receive our marketing package containing brochures, presentations, and giveaways. Your rock-solid sales story will knock them off their feet!

Technical support

There’s a specialised support team based at our office, ready to assist you. You can call or email them any technical question you might have about RevControl. They’ll leave no stone unturned to help you solve your problem.

Do you want to partner up? 

You might already be a sales representative for a PMS or another hospitality related product. Or you’re working at a software company looking to extend their product portfolio. Who knows what drives you. In any case, we’d love to get in touch. Please fill out the contact form, and we’ll answer you shortly.

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